Considerations on the Religion of Numa on the Roman People


I’m resharing this blog from several years agao after I received a youtube video from someone that attacked early Christianity, namely Catholicism, on quasi-historical grounds. The video claims to describe the Roman pagan religion but offers no sources for his material. While this post is by no meaans perfect, it at least offers a glimpse of the historical Roman religion not a made up history of the religion.

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For many ancient peoples religion was a connection to the past. Above anything else, religion was supreme in the city. Everything focused on religion and the worship of the city’s gods. For the Roman people this was no different and like other ancient peoples their religion began when their founder died. Romulus was said to have been taken into the sky and deified. The Romans worshipped Romulus (named Quirinus) as the god of agriculture. However, it was not Romulus who succeeded in creating the Roman state religion; rather that honor went to Numa Pompilius (here after simply Numa). Niccolo Machiavelli states, “It will also be seen by those who pay attention to Roman history, how much religion helped in the control of armies, in encouraging plebs, in producing good men, and in shaming the bad.”[1] Certainly this importance was due to Numa rather than Romulus as the former is credited…

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